Afrodezia is a company with a small history that defined the way it operates. Founded by Mohamed Hamza, Afrodezia is an Egyptian company whose aim is to showcase the glory of the African continent.

There are many resources in Africa and our company has carefully chosen a unique product that has disrupted the wood (another name for wood) industry.

Afrodezia has pioneered using authentic mahogany wood from three different countries in Africa and massively customizing them to fit our client’s needs.

We are based in Egypt and have a factory that takes raw African wood, extracted from inside the deep jungles to making beautiful mahogany finishes.

Our products range from mahogany floors, tables and everything in between.

Our wood has been used in hotels and homes, remodeled to display the handcrafted designs of our visionaries.


Our mission is to ensure that Africa is known for its rich products. We aim to display this and communicate it via our products and services. Everyone is concerned with having everything made in China.

Our goal is to export quality products from Africa through our diverse network.

SPECIAL SERVICES (Customized Designs)

Afrodezia caters to every client. We each have that “designer” inside all of us and we understand that extremely well at Afrodezia. This is why we offer customized designs to our clients according to their needs. If you have a specific idea you had in mind, we can help you build on it and reinvent it in ways you never thought possible.

We pride ourselves in constantly innovating and disrupting new ideas. We’ll always help our clients develop their tiny idea until it becomes the next big thing.
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