Throughout history, the massive continent of Africa has been seen as the gem of the world, containing everything from raw materials to diamonds and everything in between. Africa, the cradle of civilization has seen many conquerors since pharaohnic Egypt to The British and French Colonization. The point is —Africa is nothing and it is everything— It is the beacon that has shone on the world many years ago, making everyone flock to this glorious continent for its vast resources and land mass.

This is the concept behind Afrodezia. We believe that Africa has seen so much and yet people are not aware of this. We want to bridge that gap by bringing our beautiful authentic products; all made in Africa and showcase them to the world. There is a reason that this massive continent has been conquered time and again; its rich raw materials are plentiful and caught the eyes of many. Afrodezia plans to showcase the glory of Africa through our unique products.


Afrodezia is a company with a small history that defined the way it operates. Founded by Mohamed Hamza, Afrodezia is an Egyptian company whose aim is to showcase the glory of the African continent.

There are many resources in Africa and our company has carefully chosen a unique product that has disrupted the wood (another name for wood) industry.
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